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Article: 5 Ways To Care For Your Gowns

5 ways to care for your gowns

5 Ways To Care For Your Gowns

After a long night of partying and merrymaking with family and friends, more often than not we usually cannot wait to be in our pajamas. We usually will forget about gowns and just figure out stains and dirt the next day (or even push it back to next week). But let’s not forget that in order to reuse these dresses, we ought to make sure we spend time to clean and store them properly.


Grease, sweat, and make-up are just some of the possible stains that can ruin our gowns. The minute you notice it, blot the stain or stains with a clean cloth or cotton ball, apply water, and do the same process until the stain or stains are close to gone. It's best to seek professional help to make the stain or stains gone completely.


As tempting as it may be, it’s never good to keep your gowns uncleaned. Sometimes, stains can’t even be seen because some are invisible. Regular household soap detergents also may not be compatible with some types of cloth. So if you have any doubts, trust your nearby professional cleaner to help you do the trick.


There’s a reason why a lot of closets are built with doors - light causes discoloration of clothes and will ruin them over time. We advise investing in long garment bags that will help gowns to not touch the floor of your closet. But you still have to check on your gowns from time to time to see if any coloration has taken place.


This might be hard for a lot of people but perfumes and fragrances contain powerful chemicals that might probably stain dresses. Be sure to not let your scents touch your gown when spraying. Try not to let even your make up touch your dress as we don’t know the reaction of these chemicals to the dress.


We are aware that pests can ruin various materials especially if these are kept for a long time. Unfortunately, our gowns are no exemptions. Make them bug-free by using a gentle insect or moth repellent that is safe for the fabric of the gowns.

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