Make Room for a New Classic

Pantone describes Classic Blue as “a reassuring presence instilling calm, confidence and connection.” With parties and get-togethers to celebrate the past decade and welcome the new one, channel the blue’s comforting energy through your style with these picks from our collection.

  1. Carmen – Nothing says classic like this Grecian cut with a modern take. Dress it up or down, you can wear this one-shoulder frock to any party.
    Shop the Carmen in Navy or Cobalt Blue
  2. Mia – Walk in wearing the Mia and the whole room will feel your confidence in this brighter shade of blue.
    Shop the Mia in Navy or Cobalt Blue
  3. Samantha – The Samantha’s deep V and playful slit takes your usual gown and gives it a fresh twist, which is what reinventing the classic is all about.
    Shop the Samantha in Navy or Midnight Blue
  4. Caroline – Constant and dependable, the Caroline has a flattering cut that you’ll always return to.
    Shop the Caroline in Navy
  5. Krizie –Taking a cue from blues in nature, Krizie takes the glittering sky at dusk and gives it a stunning silhouette, perfect for any evening occasion.
    Shop the Krizie in Navy

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