Putting the Fab in Fabric: Gazar

Martina, Nadya, Sophie, Sofia, Giovanna—the 5 latest additions to our collection definitely make a statement in any occasion. These dresses all get their star power from a one-of-a-kind fabric: gazar.

You can’t achieve this look with just any material. In fact, Cristobal Balenciaga—the famous 20th century Spanish designer—put a lot of work into creating this masterpiece. His love for creating architectural dresses pushed him to develop his own fabric, one that was comfortably lightweight yet stiff enough to hold shape. That’s the story of how he created the gazar—a pliable material that retails shape easily, made of high-twist double yarns woven as one. 

The gazar has a smooth surface texture with a crisp matte finish—ideal for dresses that don’t just rely on drape. Its “claylike” quality helps it achieve the delicate bow sleeves of the Martina, the intricate bow detail on the Nadya, the gorgeous faux surplice of the Sophie, the detailed sweetheart neckline of the Sophia, and the sculpted frill detail of the Giovanna. 

When it comes to caring for this premium and stylish fabric, dry-clean only is the way to go—gazar tends to soften when washed, and this might make its shape droop. If you need to get rid of wrinkles, use a press cloth or dry iron, and be mindful that water spots will mark on unwashed gazar. Other than that, these dresses can definitely hold their own.

Steal the scene at your next event, and shop these new dresses now!


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