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Article: Putting the Fab in Fabric: Crepe

Putting the Fab in Fabric: Crepe

Putting the Fab in Fabric: Crepe

A big part of choosing the perfect dress is feeling the material with your fingers. Is it light? Is it heavy? Will it still be comfortable, say, three hours into a sunny beach wedding, or a particularly humid garden reception?

Fabric plays a big role in comfort, and if you’re wearing a full-length gown, it’s best to know the basics of the material you’re dressed in. More than just style, fabric can be key in finding the gown that ticks the boxes of both form and function.

So, what is there to know about crepe?

A lightweight fabric made from silk, wool, or polyester, crepe is known for its naturally crinkled finish. Its crisp, gauzy texture makes it wrinkle-resistant, so you don’t need to stress about ironing, or dancing the night away.

Crepe's texture makes it very wrinkle-resistant.

Crepe can also be body-hugging. It gives you an elegant drape that finishes off any look with a soft silhouette—plus, it photographs wonderfully, too.

Our new collection features 6 new crepe gowns.

Thin and airy, crepe dresses keep you fresh during summer events, and the fabric itself is very durable; when cared for properly, it can last for years.

If you’re going for a soft and romantic matte look, make sure you a go-to crepe dress in your closet!

Looking for the perfect crepe gown? Shop our New Collection now!

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