Eyes on the Entourage

Photo by @psimonmyway

At the backdrop of every wedding is the entourage—a beautiful collection of family and friends close to the couple’s heart. Even though the spotlight isn’t on them, it’s important for the entourage to look their best, too. Just enough to complement (and not upstage!) the bride and groom, of course.

Take note: choosing the right color for your entourage comes after you decide on your wedding theme and color palette. Generally, pastel shades are associated with more laidback receptions during the summer like beach or outdoor, while deeper tones feel more formal and fitting for luxe receptions during colder months. It’s important that the colors, the venue, and the season are all tied together; God is in the details, after all.

For a little entourage inspiration, check out these picks from our past real-life weddings!

      1. NUDE/BEIGE – Sleek and modern, nude or beige tones can create beautiful contrasts—take a hint from rustic weddings. Treat this shade like a canvas, and add pops of color to make-up, accessories, and floral arrangements. Deep tones like burgundy, or even a dusty blue or lavender, can make good accents.

        Photo by @psimonmyway
        Another plus: this sophisticated shade works for tuxedos, too!

      2. PINK – Pinks generally give off a delicate and romantic aura—perfect for accentuating a blushing bride. These shades are commonly associated with sunny days, and go together well with blooms. Think: elaborate floral arrangements, soft and subtle designs, and feminine details.

        With a wide spectrum to choose from, you can go from faint blush to a brighter salmon.

      3. BLUE – Blue is very versatile, that’s what makes it popular. Light beach wedding? Pick out muted, pastel blues from the rack. Planning something more formal? Navy or royal blue can look almost dreamy, especially with golden accents. Even bright blues can work if you want to mix up your palette!

      4. PURPLE – Traditionally, purple is associated with royalty. It’s classy, timeless, and definitely exudes a bit of elegance. When accessorizing, opt for subtler, cleaner cuts of jewelry—silver or gold can work depending on the shade, but try to stay away from colored stones.

      5. MIXED PALETTE – Not all entourages have to wear the same color! Make sure to choose shades from the same color story to create a cohesive look. First, settle on a palette and work your way around it—when done right, you can give your entourage the freedom to pick the color they prefer, and make sure the shades blend well in photos.

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