Gather the Girls!

When it comes to handling your entourage, don’t you worry about a thing! Here are a few tips to keep in mind while preparing for the big day:

  1. Give your girl friends a role. As some of your closest loved ones, your entourage knows you well enough to stay on top of some wedding responsibilities. You can group them based on tasks that are suited for their personality: fashionable friends can help with styling, the social butterflies can help welcome guests or distribute favors, etc. When your big day comes, you’ll need all the help you can get! 

  2. Shared calendars are your best friend. When it’s time to lean on your tribe, you want everyone present—but coordinating with so many people can be a challenge. Sit down and talk schedules before major planning starts, and make sure everyone keeps the important dates open!

  3. Keep talking! Group chats, brunch dates, catchups over coffee; no matter how you and your tribe do it, set aside some time each week to update each other on all the wedding planning. Set expectations for tasks you’re leaving them in charge of, get a second (or third, or fourth!) opinion, and squeeze in some bonding time too! 

  4. Dress them in gowns they’ll love! A well-dressed entourage can make quite an impression! You know your bridesmaids will be having a good time when they’re wearing dresses they’re comfortable in, customized for each of them, no less (you can even let them choose the style, too!). No need to worry about a mismatched bridesmaid looking uncomfortable in her dress!

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